Pfizer India has been recognized as one of The Best Companies to Work For by Business Today magazine. Pfizer is the No.1 MNC pharmaceutical company and the only MNC in the top 3 in the pharmaceutical sector to have featured in this prestigious annual survey conducted by the leading business magazine.

Business Today partnered with Indicus Analytics and PeopleStrong for the survey that included respondents rating companies on various human resources facets.

The survey respondents were asked to select and rank five companies, which in their opinion were the best to work for across industries or sectors. The parameters were career growth prospects, financial compensation, work life balance, performance evaluation etc.

The ranking of the companies within a sector was restricted to people working in that specific industry.

Pfizer India is one of the country’s leading providers of family healthcare products and prescription medicines. We work with the government, health service providers, patients and the community to build a healthier future for all Indians.

Pfizerites are united by the knowledge that what they do really makes a difference in society — that they help people live longer, healthier, happier and more productive lives. The global Pfizer leadership is making efforts to make the company lean and agile. Employees are encouraged to be innovative and entrepreneurial. We are also working to create an environment where all colleagues have the opportunity to grow and maximise their contributions to the company’s success.

Pfizer is a Fortune 500 company that embraces the spirit of a small company while exploiting the advantages of its unmatched scale and reach.

They say that a company is only as good as the quality of its talent. It’s especially true of a knowledge-driven industry like pharmaceuticals, which is critically dependent on talent to develop innovative products and to market them worldwide.

Our talent management initiatives involve attracting the best talent, and providing them with the opportunity and the environment to be the best that they can be.

At Pfizer, talent management involves training and enabling employees to quickly integrate into the company and become productive; establishing processes to measure and manage employees; and delivering training to support continuous improvement in performance.

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