Pfizer foundation joins Pfizer India to support the survivors of the Himalayan Tsunami

In June 2013, Himalayan floods devoured most of the regions of the State of Uttarakhand, washing away homes and displacing approximately 150,000 people.

The death toll due to the catastrophe reached approximately 10,000 people, as per media reports.

Uttarakhand was a tourist destination known for its scenic beauty and the revered Kedarnath temple that attracted thousands of tourists every year, a staggering 70,000 tourists were trapped in the Himalayan hills. The Indian government had to induct the Indian army to airlift people to safety. Damage to roads and bridges blocked access to drinking water, primary healthcare facilities, food and clothing.

Large number of expectant mothers in the region was rendered helpless with no access to quality healthcare facilities. The Uttarakhand floods washed away houses rendering many homeless. Overall, healthcare rehabilitation was one of the prime needs of the extensively damaged districts within the state of Uttarakhand. Efforts were being made to supplement the government initiatives to ensure quality primary care to the residents of impacted region.

As the entire nation stood up in solidarity to rebuild their lives, Pfizer India colleagues also stepped forward to demonstrate the “One Pfizer” spirit by supporting their fellow Indians. Pfizer India colleagues owned and drove the clothes donation campaign at HQ in Mumbai, with the support of NGO partner Goonj. The response was so overwhelming that colleagues across Goa and Hyderabad shipped the clothes to the Goonj dropping centre in Mumbai.

In addition to this, approximately 700 Pfizer colleagues across India voluntarily donated a day’s basic salary, amounting to a total of $16,000 to our NGO partner – Habitat for Humanity that will help rebuild/restore houses of the victims.

As colleagues wondered what more they could do to help the survivors, they were heartened to learn that Pfizer India HQ donated 3000 strips of Becousule capsules for the survivors through the NGO AmeriCares. In addition to this, Pfizer foundation donated $25,000 to AmeriCares for the flood relief. The separate donations will be used to provide medical assistance to the displaced families, especially expectant mothers and children.

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