The Pfizer Manufacturing activities in India are part of Pfizer Global Manufacturing (PGM) which is the manufacturing division of Pfizer Inc. Our purpose is to continually supply the demand of Pfizer's portfolio of products with the highest regard for quality and to be ‘a strategic asset to Pfizer’.

PGM has manufacturing operations at 86 locations worldwide supporting all major markets. It supports Pfizer's business objective of meeting the demand for Pfizer products and is used as a strategic resource in launching drugs and products quickly after regulatory approval has been received. Using state-of-the-art equipment and cutting edge technology, Manufacturing colleagues work hand in hand with Research and Development to provide the highest quality products to the market.

Pfizer Global Manufacturing is the leader in the pharmaceutical and consumer manufacturing industry. The use of state of the art equipment, machinery and computer systems makes Pfizer Global Manufacturing the leader and pioneer of many innovative technological breakthroughs in drug delivery systems such as the GITS (Gastro-Intestinal Tablet System) technology.

There are four typical types of plants that PGM utilizes to manufacture Pfizer's products:

1. Drug Substance Plant
It is in this type of plant that the actual drug is upscaled from the molecule that is produced from Pfizer Global Research and Development (PGRD) and mass produced into its raw form. It is highly automated and does not count on labor as much as highly sophisticated computerized systems to operate the state of the art equipment in these facilities. Typically, you will find that these facilities are operated by a handful of IT specialists, engineers, chemists and operators. Our Groton, Connecticut, & Sandwich, England plants are examples of drug substance plants.

2. Drug Product Plant
Also known as Drug Finishing, these facilities take the raw drug and finish it whether it is to make oral tablets or capsules, or add other additives to make the taste of the drug palatable. The drugs are usually packaged in these plants, as well. Quality tests are also run in these state of the art facilities to ensure that the highest quality drugs are produced. Positions in these facilities include operators, chemists, and technical maintenance people. Our Brooklyn, New York & Thane plant is an example of a Drug Product plant.

3. Vaccines / Biological Plants
These plants are dedicated to the manufacturing and development of vaccines and specialty drugs for animals. Our Lincoln, Nebraska site is an example of a Vaccine/Biological Plant.

4. Consumer Plants
These plants are dedicated to the manufacturing of our consumer over-the-counter products such as Listerine, Benadryl, Lubriderm, Neosporin, Sudafed, Visine, Desitin, and Ben Gay. Our Lititz, Pennsylvania and Parsippany, New Jersey sites are examples of Consumer Plants.

Pfizer Global Manufacturing Vision


We improve the quality of people's lives by assuring the supply of Pfizer's high-quality human and animal health products.

PGM Mission:
We will become the #1 supply organization in our industry and a strategic asset to Pfizer.

PGM Mission Elements:
We will have the #1 quality performance in the industry.
We will satisfy our customers 100% of the time.
We will have the best environmental, health and safety performance in the industry.
We will bring new products to market faster than our competition.
We will continually improve product cost.
We will be a globally integrated organization.

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