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This section will take you through the financial information and serves as e-access for user friendly forms for member utility. The Investor Relations function at Pfizer attempts to give every possible information that an investor / prospective investor or analyst needs. If you want to know more about the Company, you may browse Pfizer home page menu bar. We request you to kindly give us your feedback to enable us meet your expectations.

Shareholders are requested to use the link ‘member utility’ for enabled services. KFin Technologies Private Limited (formerly known as Karvy Fintech Private Limited) are the Company’s Registrar & Share Transfer Agents . Their website address is www.kfintech.com

For the benefit of Shareholders / Investors, Karvy has opened 'Investor Relations Centre' in Mumbai. Shareholders' are requested to use the services of Karvy for all their enquiries. For details, please click here.

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